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Onsite ATMs

Did you know that having an ATM on your premises can increase customer foot traffic by an average of 30%?


Did you know that customers who use an ATM spend 15% more in a convenience store than those who don't, and even more in a restaurant, bar, or nightclub? Furthermore, over 60% of cash withdrawn from an ATM is spent at the exact location.


This makes ATMs a profitable investment for merchants, as they can act as pure profit centers. The best part is that they pay for themselves through transaction surcharges pay for themselves through transaction surcharges!

With our ATM Machines for Sale program, you can eliminate the need to accept checks and avoid the fees associated with credit card transactions. Moreover, the surcharge revenue from your ATM can cover its costs in about six months.

Improve Your Business Profits by Installing Onsite ATMs for Convenient Withdrawals

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Why Place an ATM at Your Location?


Placing an ATM at your location can have several benefits for your business. Firstly, ATM users tend to spend 25% more than non-ATM users, which can increase your customer spending. Secondly, if you own the ATM and negotiate rates through a Carpfish Creative Payment Broker, you can earn surcharge profits each time the ATM is used.


Moreover, having an ATM can increase foot traffic to your store, leading to an instant increase in sales by over 8%. People who need an ATM may also purchase quick-order items at the same location. Additionally, having an ATM can make your business more of a "one-stop-shop", which can increase both customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Lastly, having an ATM can reduce your bad debt. Cash cannot be charged back and does not bounce, which can lower or even eliminate your chargebacks."

ATM Machines

Stocking the ATM Machine with Cash

  • Most ATM owners stock anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 in the ATM

  • Standard ATMs hold between $16,000-$20,000 in 20’s

  • The more money you put in the machine, the less you have to go to the location to refill the machine

  • We set you up with a website where you can monitor the ATM and see how much money is in the ATM

  • You can receive text notification and/or e-mail alerts when the ATM is running low on cash

How Do I Calculate my ROI Profit?


(Foot Traffic)  X  (Traffice Usage X .05)  X  (Surcharge Amount) = Profit

  • Foot Traffic = Amount of daily foot traffic in people 

  • Traffic Usage = Foot Traffic x .05. Statistics show that 4-6% of people walking by an ATM will use it. 

  • Surcharge Amount = The amount you and your broker come up with for customers to pay (service fee). Industry average is $3.00. 

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