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Cannabis Applicaitons & Licensing

Carpfish Creative partners directly with the leading national advisors and handles all national applications & licensing for Carpfish Clients. Once the license is secure, Carpfish Advisors will move forward with the ongoing success plan, connecting clients with our vast network to connect your operations based on your unique needs. We also assist Canna Advisors with needed for regional assistance during the application application process on a contractor relationship. We commit to providing the same exceptional, boutique type of service that is mirrored by our partnership. A complete spectrum of services of all sizes covering dispensary, manufacturing, cultivation, compliance, technology, hiring & training. 

How Are Applications Typically Scored?

Each state that moves forward with recreational or medical canna business comes up with their own unique plan, usally based on either a point or lottery system.


A General Outline tha most States follow include:​​

  • Status as a Social Applicant (Can be up to 20% on point systems). Impact of cannabis prohibition such as arrest and/or imprisonment of the applicate or immediate family member would grant social equity status.

  • Status as a Veteran or Retired National Guard

  • Business Plan & Financials

  • Security Plans

  • Record Keeping & Compliance Plan

  • Employee Training Plan (Pre and Ongoing)

  • Labor & Employment Practices

  • Environmental Plan

  • Community Outreach/Involvement

What Should I Do To Start Preparing?


To start a cannabis business, you first need to determine the type(s) of licenses you want to apply for, whether it's for cannabis or hemp/CBD. Then, you need to start learning the ins and outs of running a canna-business, including obtaining information on licensing, running, and operating a cannabis business. Our resource partners have several versions to help you with this. You will learn about business, finance, security, compliance, creating local support, building your team, ongoing training, and social equity/grant programs.
Advocate for your brand by getting involved in cannabis events and getting early exposure. Carpfish has teamed up with leading social groups in Minnesota to provide these types of events. We can help guide you in this process while the Canna Advisors secure your license. We'll also post links to some of the better calendars covering the Minnesota and Midwest markets to the right of this text.
Start learning the ins and outs of running a canna-business and obtain information on licensing, running, and operating a cannabis business. You should start researching and putting together business plans, finance, security, compliance, creating local support, building your team, ongoing training, and social equity/grant programs available.
It's essential to secure financing now, as cannabis is still a federally illegal product, meaning most big banks and investment firms won't help cannabis business owners. However, there are many equity and non-equity options we can discuss.
Researching and creating your brand identity is also crucial. You need to start the process of creating your brand name, logo, and basic marketing information like your website and flyers. You should also file and create your business on state and federal levels. Decide what products you're going to offer and what type of customer experience you want to provide. We can help you in all these areas.
MN Cannabis Licenses

How We Help Cannabis Business


Business Technology Procurement

Taking Payments in Cannabis

Inventory Management & Control

Surveillance Management

ID Scanners and Data Privacy

Seed-to-Sale Solutions

Onsite Help & Installations


Marketing & Brand

Brand Creation/Management

Print & Digital Advertising

Websites, Ecommerce

Social Media

Tradeshows and Events

SEO, Analytics, AI Integration


Open For Business

Everyday Business Needs

Business Lending

Government Tax Credits

Payroll / Bookkeeping

Human Resources | 

Hiring | Background Searches

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