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Cannabis Grants & Programs

While recreational marijuana becomes effectively legal in the state on August 1, 2023, retail sales (outside expedited licenses) are not expected to begin until the first quarter of 2025.
In the intervening period, Minnesota hopes to license new cannabis businesses and bring both its medical cannabis program as well as the regulation of low-potency hemp edibles under the oversight of the newly established Office of Cannabis Management (OCM).


The MN Department of Revenue Deed Landing page has now been set up. Please go there for state updates!

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Minnesota Canna Business Grants

The cannabis legalization bill in Minnesota includes grant programs to support cannabis entrepreneurs. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) will oversee programs such as Cannabis Industry Startup Financing Grants, Navigation Grants, and Training Grants. These programs aim to promote the success of the legal cannabis industry through technical assistance, loan capital, and workforce development training, with a focus on supporting social equity applicants and their communities.

UPDATED: 5/17/24

CanStartup Program


The CanStartup program offers loans to new cannabis microbusinesses. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) will grant funds to nonprofit corporations through a competitive process. The selected nonprofit corporations will then provide loans to eligible cannabis microbusinesses, with a priority given to social equity applicants. The loans range from $2,500 to $50,000 and can be up to $150,000 with private matching funds. The loans are intended for cannabis microbusinesses that are unlikely to undertake the project without assistance from this program.


CanNavigate Program

The CanNavigate Program will provide grants to eligible organizations to assist individuals in navigating the regulatory framework of the legal cannabis industry. Grant funds awarded to eligible organizations can be used to develop technical assistance resources related to the regulatory structure of the legal cannabis industry and to provide technical assistance or navigation services to individuals.


CanTrain Program

The CanTrain program will provide grants to eligible organizations to create and execute a workforce development program. This program will offer support, navigation services, and training to individuals seeking a career in the legal cannabis industry. Additionally, the CanTrain program will award grants to eligible individuals to pursue training programs that lead to a career in the legal cannabis industry. These grants will cover tuition, fees, material costs, and support services to help individuals overcome external barriers to success.


Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Programs

The Minnesota Job Skills Partnership (MJSP) offers grants through the Partnership and Pathways programs. These grants are available to accredited Minnesota educational institutions and public, private, or nonprofit organizations that provide employment services to low-income individuals. The grants are intended for training new workers and existing employees of partnering businesses. Additionally, MJSP provides pre-development grants to help plan training programs for large-scale projects focused on high-wage, high-growth, and high-skill occupations. In line with program requirements, tribal and licensed legal cannabis businesses, in partnership with an accredited Minnesota educational institution or public, private, or nonprofit organization, are eligible to apply.


Job Training Incentive Program

The Job Training Incentive Program offers grants to new or expanding businesses in Greater Minnesota. Its purpose is to swiftly and effectively train new workers. Grant funds can be used for direct training costs provided in-house, by higher education institutions, federal, state, or local agencies, or private training or educational providers. Tribal and licensed legal cannabis businesses are also eligible to apply, in line with other program requirements.


Automation Training Incentive Program

The Automation Training Incentive Program offers grants to existing businesses to train workers quickly and efficiently in new automation technology. The program is open to small businesses in Greater Minnesota in the manufacturing or skilled assembly production industry that are investing in new automation technology. Tribal and licensed legal cannabis businesses are eligible to apply, and those in partnership with an accredited Minnesota educational institution are also eligible to apply.


Additional DEED Programs

After obtaining a license, a Minnesota cannabis business may qualify for various state-funded programs offered by the Department of Employment and Economic Development. However, it's important to note that most of our programs are administered through partner organizations, such as local government units, nonprofit organizations, and accredited Minnesota higher education institutions. These organizations may or may not work with the legal cannabis industry, so specific programs may not be accessible to licensed cannabis businesses. As our agency progresses, we will provide information on partner organizations interested in participating in these programs when it becomes available.


Contacting DEED: For inquiries, please reach out to

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