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Cannabis POS & Payments Overview

Navigating Cannabis POS and Payment Processing as cannabis business owner can be tricky.  Marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I drug by the FDA and remains illegal under federal law. This presents a significant hurdle for dispensaries trying to secure a cannabis credit card processing solution. Unfortunately, no such solution currently exists. Major credit card associations like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express have strict policies against using their cards for marijuana sales, even in states where it's legal. This means that there is no legal, secure method for accepting credit cards for cannabis sales.


Carpfish Creative agents team up with the industries best brands for software, hardware, and compliance, creating a simplified client procurement & implementation for cannabis business owners. 

Types of Payments

Cash (ATMS)

  • No transaction fees
  • Immediate payout
  • Customer anonymity
  • Extensive security requirements
  • Customers tend to spend less
  • ATM fees may be required

PIN Debit

  • Secure, low-risk payment method
  • Low transaction processing costs
  • Convenient for in-store use
  • Requires full regulatory compliance on the part of the provider
  • Not available for online payments


  • Very secure
  • Low transaction processing costs
  • No processing hardware required
  • Customer must install third-party app for in-person use
  • Underwriting process required


  • Very risky with current market conditions.
  • Low transaction processing costs
  • No processing hardware required
  • Very risky with current market conditions

Ways to Capture & Take Payments

Point of Sale Solutions

Ideal For: Dispensaries, Retail/Hospitality

Blaze POS

While there are many POS systems marketed towards the cannabis industry, not all are tailored to meet compliance requirements. To avoid costly fines, it's important to choose a reliable cannabis POS solution that can handle real-time transactions and mandatory information. The ideal system should also assist with purchase limits, age verification processes, and purchase history. Not only that, but it should enhance the overall customer experience and prioritize data protection. To keep up with the evolving laws and regulations, a dedicated system must be able to provide regular updates as needed.

Important Things to Look For:

  • INTEGRATION. We can't stress this enough, especially connecting to the major cannabis compliance software. This alone will save hundreds of hours per year. 

  • Offline Mode. Important for any Point of Sale, however with Cannabis and industries that need to also monitor compliance, an almost vital. 

  • Payment Options. Do the provider offer just a cash tracking option, do they offer debit or ACH options?

  • ID Verification. Cannabis/Hemp related business face more stings than even liquor or tobacco stores. A simple investment that could save you lots of money. 

Seed-to-Sale (ERP) Solutions

Ideal For: Micro/Mezzo Business Models

Seed to Sale Cycle

Seed-to-sale software is designed to help track the production of cannabis, from seed to product sales. However, it can also provide added benefits that can help streamline business operations and keep regulators satisfied. Depending on your business needs, an ideal software solution can offer the following advantages:

  • Automated compliance and reporting to minimize reporting errors.

  • Accurate inventory monitoring to prevent discrepancies.

  • Enhanced product accountability and theft prevention

  • Improved employee efficiency and cost savings.


Ideal For: Distribution, Seed Sales, etc.

Cannabis Solutions

Cannabis E-Commerce is a game-changer for dispensaries and retailers looking to improve business visibility, expand reach, and offer more convenience for customers. While there are legal and regulatory hurdles, security concerns, and delivery challenges, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Choosing the right provider and learning from successful online dispensaries can help overcome challenges and set businesses up for success in the booming cannabis industry.

How We Help Cannabis Business

Want to Learn More or Need Help Navigating the Cannabis Business Process?

Cannabis license's will be hard to get as you will need to have complete business plans. Let Carpfish Creative's Midwest Cannabis Solutions Group guide you to easy approval & future wealth!

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