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Business Solutions for Hemp/CBD/Tobacco

Attention CBD and hemp sellers! Get affordable and reliable payment options from an industry-leading credit card processor. Securely and seamlessly accept credit and debit cards with our payment technology partners. Carpfish Creative's advisors can help you choose the right POS/Processing software. We approve businesses legally registered for THC editable and beverages.le and beverages.


Flat lay with hemp extract products - cosmetics, lotion, face cream, body butter, soap bar

The Best CBD Merchant Accounts & Payment Processing

"How? We achieve this through our affordable and reliable credit card processing and back-office solutions that can increase your business's efficiency and profitability. Our partners are not shady offshore banks or fly-by-night companies, but a major established player on the payments landscape. They have been helping merchants with "high-risk" businesses since 1992."

Why CBD is Considered High Risk?

There are several reasons that merchant services providers and their sponsor banks classify CBD businesses as hard to place or high risk. These include the following.

  • Complicated laws and regulations. While CBD merchant processing is becoming more mainstream, the FDA is still working through establishing uniform regulatory requirements. At the same time, discrepancies between local laws have led to some confusion.

  • A higher risk of chargebacks. Another reason CBD retailers are considered high-risk businesses is the increased risk of customer disputes within the industry.

  • Confusion among consumers. Many customers associate CBD with cannabis (marijuana), even though CBD does not contain THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis.

  • The costly and cumbersome licensing process. Despite the fact that it's legal, most CBD retailers will still have several legal and regulatory hoops to jump through to get up and running.

CBD Terminals

The Benefits of Credit Card Processing for CBD Businesses

You'll attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

When you allow customers to pay for their CBD oil or hemp products via fast, convenient, and secure credit card processing, they'll be far less likely to visit your competitors instead.

You'll help reduce theft and increase safety.

Having less cash on hand will make you a less likely target for theft.

Your customers are likely to spend more money.

Reports show that customers spend as much as 30% more when they pay for products or services using plastic instead of cash.

You'll get access to powerful business tools anytime.

Partner with NAB, and you'll have access to our secure, online merchant portal, which can help you simplify customer, employee, inventory, and dispute management.

Simple Setup to Take Payments, Track Inventory and Retain Customers in Your Hemp/CBD Store

Payment Processing


Create Invoices, Track Inventory, Manage Customers, Track Competition, PCI Plus

POS Hardware & Software

CBD and HEMP POS Solutions


Payanywhere - The easy-to-use point of sale software.

  • Same day or next day funding

  • Inventory management

  • Employee management

  • Reporting

  • Dispute management

  • Customer management

  • Invoicing/ACH

Hardware - Purchase or Lease

(See Hardware Options


 PCI Plus Service

Customer Loyalty


Increase Customer Retention 20x

  • Integrates with Payanywhere hardware

  • Data-Driven CRM Campaigns

  • Personalized E-Receipts

  • Customer Ratings

  • AI Version or Manual

  • Card-Linked Deal

How We Help Hemp & CBD Business

Start up

Startups & Licensing

Business Plans

State/Federal Applications

Laws & Compliance

Complete Branding

Employee Handbooks



Business Technology Procurement

Taking Payments

Point of Sale & Customer Loyalty

Inventory Management & Control

Surveillance Management

ID Scanners and Data Privacy

Onsite Help & Installations

Essential Oils

Marketing & Brand

Brand Creation

Print & Digital Advertising

Websites, Ecommerce,

Social Media

Tradeshows and Events

SEO, Analytics, AI Integration


Open For Business

Everyday Business Needs

Business Lending

Government Tax Credits

Payroll / Bookkeeping

Human Resources | 

Hiring | Background Searches

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