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Business Solutions for Cannabis

Carpfish Creative is your Cannabis Partners

Point of Sale Solutions

Some POS systems are marketed toward medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries but aren’t necessarily in tune with the needs of such a business from a compliance standpoint. A reliable cannabis POS solution should be able to keep track of real-time transactions and obligatory information to steer clear of unnecessary fines. It should help prevent going over the purchase limit, aid in the age verification process, check the purchase history, enhance customer experience and more. Not to mention it must keep these data protected at all times. To stay ahead of the ever-changing developments and regulations, a dedicated system should be able to regularly update as needed.

Cannabis license's will be hard to get as you will need to have complete business plans. Let Carpfish Creative's Midwest Cannabis Solutions Group guide you to easy approval & future wealth!

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Other Ways We Can Help

We have some great talent and excellent partners to ensure our clients are well taken care of.


Website & Marketing

Sell CBD products right off your website. Carpfish Creative is a partner of and can create sites within 48 hours

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