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Looking to Get into Minnesota's Upcoming Cannabis Market & Need Help Navigating it? 

About Us

At Carpfish Creative, We Aim to Revolutionize & Reform the Small Business Experience in America

Cannabis Solutions

Carpfish Creative comprises a group of seasoned business advisors with decades of experience offering business solutions, fractional services, sales, marketing, and cutting-edge technology services. In today's rapidly advancing technological landscape, cost-effective solutions are readily accessible for almost every need, including helping small and medium businesses succeed. Our advisors are well-versed in navigating our extensive network to connect you with the best possible solutions to fit your model, not ours. 

Our Philosophy: We strongly believe in our "Work Together, Grow Together" philosophy. We demonstrate our value through results to help small and medium-sized businesses better compete against large corporate entities.

Our Services: Carpfish Creative Advisors has solidified direct partnerships with top industry brands, legal experts, technical service providers, payment/ATM/processing, payroll, hiring and training, security and risk compliance, and other technology partners. We offer consulting services and often passive residual income from our partners at no cost to the merchant/client. Our fees are consistently lower than those of the companies' direct sales teams, as we eliminate many backend upcharges that cover stockholder payouts. We specialize in high-risk businesses, particularly those in the cannabis, gaming, and hemp/CBD industries.


We have the capability to work with businesses nationwide (and globally through partners), with a specific emphasis on our home state of Minnesota.

Business Solutions Advisors

Some of the Brands & Tools We Love To Work With

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