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Simple Loyalty Programs that Keep Customers Coming Back

Our team has years of experience in customer engagement. We understand the importance of branding and marketing, and our focus is on delivering custom solutions to help you drive customer engagement and loyalty. We offer a range of services, from enrolling customers in rewards programs to running customer-focused events that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Our services include integrating rewards tracking with your payment system, creating effective marketing campaigns, managing newsletters and social platform presence. We also have experience in organizing local, state, and national events through our large, well-connected partner network. Additionally, we provide business or product rebranding strategies.


Loyalty/Rewards Tracking Solutions 

With more than 90% of businesses using some sort of loyalty program, companies could be losing out to competitors that have a loyalty program.
Customer Loyalty

Card-linked loyalty platforms enable merchants to easily capture and effectively market to customers based on their purchase history and spending performance. Easily convert customer data activity into relevant, targeted marketing across multiple touchpoints and interactions to create an ongoing, personalized relationship with your customer that drives sales growth. Discover more about our growing platform and loyalty features! Customer conversion rates are up to 20 times that of ordinary methods.

Carpfish Creative's Engagment/Loyalty Partners
Enroll and Pay Loyalty
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Payanywhre Loyalty

Payanywhere Loyalty

Simple Loyalty Solutions to Keep Them Coming Back,That's Payanywhere Loyalty

Building a loyalty program is more important than one might think.

78% of customers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Don’t fall behind the competition. With more than 90% of businesses using some sort of loyalty program, companies could be losing out to competitors that have a loyalty program.

  • Keep ‘em coming back. Repeat customers are far more likely with the use of a loyalty program, with 84% of loyalty program members reporting that they have made a redemption.

  • Make it easy. 79% of shoppers say they are more likely to join a rewards program that doesn’t require them to carry a physical card.


Build a customer loyalty program directly in Payments Hub. It’s simple and effective.

Once the loyalty program is active, customers can enroll and begin earning points, complete with SMS notifications. The business owner can choose how many points are required to reach a reward milestone, what that reward is by percentage or dollar amount, and determine a minimum spend amount to earn a point. Customers can track their points and reward status right on their receipts. 

When a reward is earned, customers receive an email with a unique code that can be applied to their next purchase. Merchants can also keep tabs on their customers and loyalty program activity in Payments Hub. Check out the Payanywhere Loyalty Guide for a full breakdown of how to set up and run a loyalty program in Payments Hub and the Payanywhere app. 

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Enroll & Pay Loyalty

Quickly Increase Customer Conversions by 20x Buy Adding Customer Enagement. Stand alone or Fully Integrated

Engage Your Customers

Enroll & Pay's automated CRM Tools categorize customers based on spending performance and behaviors. Based on the actionable data, targeted and relevant offers are sent to customers, then measured for increased spend and redemption rates.


  • Data-Driven CRM Campaigns

  • Personalized E-Receipts

  • Customer Ratings

  • AI Version or Manual

  • Card-Linked Deals

Enroll and Pay Loyalty
Customer Loyalty


The Enroll & Pay platform presents an enrollment opportunity on every initial credit card swipe. Combined with the instant reward, Enroll & Pay’s customer conversion rates are up to 20 times that of ordinary methods.

  • Instant and Accrued Rewards

  • Multiple Card Linking

  • Stand Alone or Semi-Integrated

  • Member v. Non-Member Analytics

  • Customized Rewards Programs:

    • Points

    • Cash Rewards

    • Punchcard

Other Ways We Can Help You Grow

Gift & Loyalty Cards
Paper or Plastic
We Got You

Create print or digital (card or keytag) cards, usually the same day. We have local and direct mail print partners.

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Print Promotions
Newsletters, Sales Flyers, Marketing Campains

We can quickly create custom ads, product websites, newsletters and more to allow you to better engage with your customers. 

Travel Apps
Online Promotion
Social Media Sites, Blogs, Online Groups

Social Media Management

Social Media Redesign

Online Groups (Discord, Stack)

Tradeshows, Networking Groups, Private Events

We love partnering up for events, Our advisors also have over 300+ tradeshows under our belts.

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