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A One-Stop Cannabis Advisory Group that works with the Best Brands in Cannabiz

Carpfish Creative Advisors has established the top direct partnerships with the industry's leading cannabis consultants, legal experts, technical service providers, payment/ATM/processing, payroll, hiring and training, security and risk compliance, facility design/buildouts, and more to ensure that you not only acquire your license but a strong focus towards the entire lifecycle through the opening and running of a well-structured and profitable business model.

Our business network is as strong as it gets: Regionally, Nationally, and, in certain cases, Globally. We work heavily with 1099-based experts highlighted as leaders at some of your biggest business solutions brands.


We like the creative, work-together, grow-together approach to our business relationships.

Carpfish Business Solutions
Cannabis Solutions

Your Advisory Group You Choose is Only as Good as their Network

We are Business Advisors; we are not Cannabis “Consultants”, (Yet)

We bring decades of business success stories to an over a decade-old industry. Our Carpfish Creative Advisors like to make this clear, especially in the new emerging markets. Many businesses and startups seem to “flex tape” the word cannabis in place of their previous business entities. We are high-risk business advisors and brokers and have been asked by friends to come to focus on the emerging cannabis space.

We don’t have a long list of cannabis manufacturing or growth facilities (yet), but we work with the best people who have succeeded hundreds and even thousands of times. However, We have had decades of success with large projects, including city-wide municipal projects, large venues, omnichannel setups, complete ERP projects, etc. We keep open relationships, meaning we don’t make you use just our vendors. We are always open to working with your vendors or folks you like if they pass our ISV/ISO test.

Why Do the Best Brands in the Cannabis Business Landscape like Carpfish Creative?

Again, we are not new at starting businesses or working with multiple collaborators on projects. Outside of our solutions brokering, we provide consulting and reverse 1099 solutions for our industry partners through business development, planning, deployment, advocacy, and many other areas, giving our mutual clients the best advice and solutions with a localized touch. We even do a bit of advocacy when needed.

Initial Business Creation & Setup

Business Startup

Carpfish Creative's accomplished advisors have a proven track record of rapidly getting new brands up to speed. We work closely with leading national cannabis advisory firms, lawyers, and other top experts to provide our clients with comprehensive services. Our extensive network buildout allows us to handle projects of any size easily.


We assist our clients in a multitude of ways, including state and business filing for businesses, employees, and taxes, initial brand creation and ongoing management, comprehensive business documentation such as financials and employee handbooks, advocacy assistance for community events and government advocacy, print and digital media, graphic design, websites with e-commerce integration, social media setup and management options, tradeshow, and event planning and execution. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Application & Licensing Assistance

Do you like your lawyers or advisors, but they are too expensive? We can often drastically decrease the costs of building your application plan while keeping the existing and long-term relationship with your legal counsel.


Do you like your advisors, but they are too expensive or require you to work with their specific vendors? We can decrease these costs while working directly with your existing relationships (Canna project advisor + vendors). We can also move the project to a shared one (with our expert project management in place). 

Are you guys going to provide templates to purchase? No. We have looked at a number of the online templates available for download, and many of them are incomplete or do not have state-specific data or rulemaking changes. Our advisors have decades of government RFP experience and have a tried and proven system for winning contracts. With the addition of our local and national network, we save you tons of time searching out who to work with, which companies' solutions to use in your business model, etc. A few areas we are helping now are: 

  • Application Assistance (Nationally)

  • Advocacy Assistance (Community Events, Government, etc)

  • Market Research (Demographics, Location, etc)

  • SOP and Business Build-Out Plans

  • Access to our SOLID local & national networks

Cannabis Business Applications

Code: Carpfish for Savings

Capturing Payments in a Canna Business Environment

Cannabis Business Solutions

Most cannabis business applications require technology as part of the application process.

Carpfish Advisors' network offers the best brands to the Midwest marketplace through our national partners. As advisors, we provide solutions tailored to your business model. We create buyer agreements that benefit both the vendor and client, covering:

  • Cannabis-specific point of sale

  • Cannabis and non-cannabis payments

  • E-commerce 

  • Seed-to-Sale systems

  • Onsite ATMs (Sales, leasing, placement, maintenance, money movement)

Once your projects are launched, the Carpfish Creative Advisor will ensure you always use the best solutions for your business model while paying the lowest possible pricing. Part of our work together. grow together relationship.  

Business Risk and Security

If you have invested a lot of time and effort into planning your dream facility, it is important to ensure that it is not put at risk. Carpfish Creative can help you with a range of services that include:


  • Initial and ongoing risk and compliance management

  • Security system selection, installation, and maintenance

  • Drop boxes and money movement solutions

  • In-store security planning and execution

  • Event security planning and execution


We have a trusted network of experts within your state (or will quickly locate them through our network) and across the country who can provide the best solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Cannabis Security

Those Everyday, Boring Business Needs

Business Tax Credits

We ensure you have the right systems for your business model to succeed. 
We also ensure that not only are your initial contracts excellent, but we also keep a close eye on them as they continue. This ensures that you never overpay and maximize your revenue dollars. We achieve this goal by partnering with both local and national partners.

  • Payroll, Bookkeeping, HR Services.

  • Hiring, Onboarding, and Ongoing Training Solutions

  • Compliance & Legal Partners

  • Product Testing (Lab and Onsite through our Partners)

  • Delivery 

  • Government Tax Credit Programs

  • Sales & Marketing Assistance 

  • Event Planning and Execution

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