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Increase Profits one Withdrawal at a Time with Onsite ATMs for High Risk Business 

Providing ATM Solutions for Your Cannabis Dispensary, Hemp/CBD, or other high-risk business is very important. 

Average Cannabis Dispensaries will capture up to 80% of all their sales in cash payments.  Due to ongoing Federal Banking restrictions, it’s tough to accept credit or debit cards at marijuana dispensaries, and even when it’s possible, it can become extremely costly.

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Cannabis banking laws are continuously evolving, and having an ATM available is a convenience and an essential service for your customers. Carpfish, in collaboration with our local and national partners, can provide reliable ATM options that ensure cash availability for your cannabis dispensary. We work closely with a nationwide ATM provider and have experience serving marijuana dispensaries nationwide. Our team will work with your cannabis dispensary, a micro or macro business, to create a customized ATM solution that best suits your needs.


Again, cannabis dispensaries often face difficulties with credit card processing due to federal regulations. As a result, many choose to be cash-only businesses. To make it easier for customers, having an ATM on site is a must! Carpfish Creative offers two different ATM programs for cannabis dispensaries:

  • The first option is a full-service solution, where they provide a brand new, state-of-the-art ATM, cash for the machine, 24/7 monitoring, and all maintenance. They even split the profits with you! This option is available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware.

  • The second option is for the dispensary to purchase the ATM and keep all the profits. ATM Money Machine provides installation/programming and full monitoring access. 


Can Carpfish Creative Advisors help in my state?

YES. Carpfish Creative is a cutting-edge, national, high-risk payment broker that provides ATM services in all 50 states. We offer full-service ATM options for cannabis dispensaries through our partner network, which is available in several Northeastern states, including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, and Delaware. As rollouts continue, more states are being added to this list. 


Moreover, our pure ATM purchase option is available nationwide and works with all the major brands. 

No legal concerns arise when having an ATM in your cannabis dispensary. ATM transactions differ from credit card transactions since customers withdraw money from their bank accounts. Your dispensary is not involved in the ATM transaction; the customer can spend the cash as they like. The only requirement is that your dispensary is legal. An ATM is a reliable option for accepting cash payments and keeping customers satisfied.

What type of ATM would be suitable for my Cannabis Dispensary? We offer a wide range of ATMs from major manufacturers and can assist you in selecting the one that best fits your requirements in terms of capacity and type.

ATM Money Machine
Onsite ATMs

Full-Service Cannabis Dispensary Options

  • We work with our national partners to provide brand-new, state-of-the-art ATM(s)

  • We can (or you can) provide the cash for the ATM(s)

  • We monitor the ATM(s) 24/7

  • All maintenance is included free of cost

  • We develop a plan for profits with you


Purchase Option for Cannabis Dispensary

  • Low-cost purchasing options (We have Creative ways to lease them)

  • We negotiate the surcharge and profit model (We are payment brokers, so we are more flexible than ATM sales folks) 

  • We provide installation/programming

  • Complete monitoring access to your ATM

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Learn More About Adding ATMs to Your Location

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